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About Life Smile

Introducing Life Smile

Life Smile

Relying upon a solid record of 15 years in producing quality kitchenware, Life Smile has just started in 2015 its new factory in NINGBO, China on a land of 20 thousand square meters for manufacture of various types of casseroles and kitchen appliances.

Life Smile Headquarters is located in Dubai, UAE and its products are exported to most countries of the world including Iran.

The products of this company avail of the highest health quality standards and are manufactured with the choicest raw materials under supervision of highly professional experts and technicians.

Life Smile started its activities using state-of-the-art technologies to ensure the highest attainable quality and health standards in cooking.

As a company whose products are in direct touch with cooking and foodstuff, consumer health has always shined over the topmost of our priorities.

LIFESMILE products consist of 4 categories:

A) Cooking kitchenware such as pots, and cast iron frying pans produced with die cast technology, and with granite and ceramic dressings.

B) Opal dishes: Chinese pottery dishes for normal use as well as for luxury hosting.

C) Steel dishes including different kinds of soufflés, trays, knives, forks, and kitchenware.

D) Different kinds of small electrical appliances such as juicing machines, tea-makers, mincers, mixers, crushers and vacuum cleaners.


Life Smile Headquarters is located at Dubai, UAE. This company has also numerous representative offices and agents throughout the world, chief amongst them one may mention our offices in Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan.

These offices are all under unified central management and endeavor jointly to satisfy consumers’ requirements and render services worthy of our valued customers in line with the company objectives.

On wards- With a background of 15 years in the household industry, Life Smile has operated as of 2015 a factory with the area of 20 thousand square meters in NINGBO, China to manufacture various kinds of pots and aluminum casseroles and dishes.

Application of state-of-the-art technologies is ranked highly among our values.

One of these technologies is the die-cast and smelter technology.

Furthermore, all our products are manufactured under direct supervision of qualified European and Chinese experts.

We manufacture our products by melting pure aluminum in high temperatures and pressuring it with die-cast and casting technology which is the most novel technology in production of pots.

Bottom thickness and proportional body shape are among the most notable features of our products.

The most significant advantage of this production technology is that the food does not burn at the bottom of the pot which gives you a unique cooking experience.

The manufactured product reaches the stage of injecting the anti-adhesive cover (known as cutting) after having been heated in the furnace, and undergone various quality tests.

This covering is the most sensitive phase of production of the pot directly in touch with consumers’ health.

Due to the high sensitivity of this phase, the raw materials used in this phase are purchased from a reputable German company and is applied under the license of that company.

As you notice, the Life Smile Logo is engraved on the products with laser technology so that you may easily tell the original product from fake ones at the time of purchase.

The cover of the pot bottom is fully non-adhesive and is supplied in different colors according to various tastes, under Life Smile guarantee.

In the final stage of pot production, all products undergo very strict quality tests and after issuance of QA certificates will be placed in beautiful packages and exported to destinations all over the globe. 

LIFESMILE Company, while expressing its commitment and pledge to observance of legal requirements in quality, safety, and professional and environmental hygiene, has put the achievement of the following grand goals at the top of its agenda with the purpose of moving toward a progressive and elevated organization at worldwide level:

1) Boosting customer satisfaction and paying attention to the requirements of other interested parties.

2) Successful presence at domestic and international markets and increase of market share.

3) Increase of productivity and reduction of costs.

4) Prevention of uncontrolled consumption of non-recyclable resources, minimizing environmental impacts and prevention of environmental pollutions.

5) Empowering human workforce by increasing their knowledge and motivation.

6) Continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System (IMS)

Ensuring preservation and improvement of IMS through periodical reports, monitoring and supervisions of management shall be the responsibility of the representative of the management and the employees are committed to understand the policies and follow the requirements of IMS and have active participation in producing appropriate solutions and constant improvement of its effectiveness.

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